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What is ATAR (Alpha Tracking Analysis Report)?

– ATAR (Alpha Tracking Analysis Report) is an analysis tool

– A template designed for writers, to develope a Research Report on an equity/idea to be downloaded for Self & Clients.

– Also, it can be uploaded for publishing in http://mass.trygo.in site.

Focuses On Analyses On Drives Insights On
Ideas Works-in-Process Latest investing concepts which will drive future growth.
Positions The Price Performance
The Result Highlights
The Business Basics
The movement of value so far.
The performance of funds as management effectiveness.
The products, demands & size of the market.
Potentials Tracking: History to Future
Deploying Capex & Opex.
The Growth Strategy
Action timeline of business direction.
Uses of funds for sustainability & efficiency.
The profitable business conversion.
End Game Why to Invest? The long-term earnings multipliers.

Who can become a Contributor?

• Anyone like Individuals, Advisors, Journalists, Academicians Students, etc by writing an article or analysis report on stocks, macros, and business stories using our tools like Contributor or ATAR (Alpha Tracking Analysis Report).


Milestone in ATAR empowers to track events from Past to Future and test the executional success for timely investing decisions.